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  • I didn't received an invitation mail, how do I get one?"
    First look in spam if the mail has accidentally landed there If not then contact the support of the event organisation for more information
  • Where can I find my zoom credentials in the invitation email?
    In the invitation email there is an area where all registration data (meeting code and password) can be found.
  • Why am I in the waiting room when I signed up?
    You are in the waiting room because you have probably logged into the meeting before your allotted time. Therefore, you will only be admitted to the meeting at the given time. However, please remain in the waiting room to avoid possible complications if you re-register.
  • What can I do if I have questions while on-boarding ?
    In the Zoom meeting you will find a technical operator who will discuss questions about the operation and functions of Zoom with you. In addition, helpers from the organising team are present in the meeting to discuss questions about the event or content.
  • Why is the quality of my Zoom Call poor and why is the sound of the subscribers poor to understand?
    See if your internet connection is good enough. If you are in a public place and are connected to a hotspot as a network, the connection can sometimes be bad. We therefore recommend: if possible, try logging in with your home network or a stable internet connection.
  • I have a presentation I want to show. How does that work?
    There are two ways you can show your presentation:Screensharing (screen sharing) Screensharing (screen sharing) via Internetclicker If you show your presentation on screen, you can test it for functionality in on-boarding. The technical operator will be happy to help you. Since several attendees will be showing their presentations on screen, we have a limited time window for each attendee to test. If you present your presentation via Internetclicker, go to Internetclicker. com in your Google Chrome browser. There you enter your identification code if the technical operator asks you to do so. Your presentation will be accessed from our computer. With the Internetclicker you can then control your presentation using the two arrows.
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